Microsoft is rolling out up to three times faster Skype for Apple silicon Macs

The new version also consumes less power and features more reliable call connections on Mac computers powered by the Apple M1 and M2 chips.

Marketing image showcasing Skype on Apple silicon MacBook Pro
Microsoft says Skype for M1 Macs is 3x faster | Image: Microsoft
  • What’s happening? Microsoft has announced that it’s testing a native version of Skype built specifically for Apple silicon Mac computers.
  • Why care? Microsoft claims that Skype will run up to three times faster on M1-powered Macs. The app should also use less power and be more reliable.
  • What to do? Read the announcement on the Skype blog.

Skype for Apple silicon Macs is coming soon

“After months of anticipation and customer demand, Skype has finally released its new update for Apple M1 Macs,” reads the Skype blog. The new version promises up to 3x faster performance compared to the current version for Intel-based Macs.

“Say goodbye to sluggish and slow call experiences and hello to lightning-fast performance with crystal-clear audio and video quality,” Microsoft teases.

Skype for Apple silicon Macs isn’t a new app. Instead, Skype is now a universal app that ships with binaries for both Intel processors and Apple silicon chips.

When will Skype for Apple silicon hit all users?

It’s unclear when the rollout might finish. We didn’t see the update at publication time. Like many other apps, this staggered release will take a few weeks, if not months, to complete. Skype will automatically download any new updates.

Alternatively, you can force the software to check for updates manually by choosing the Check for Updates option from the Skype menu.

How to see if my copy of Skype is Apple silicon-optimized?

To check whether the Skype app on your M1 or M2 Mac is an Intel-only or a universal release, Control-click it in the Applications folder and choose Get Info from the menu. If the entry labeled Kind in the Get Info window is listed as Application (Universal), you’re running a version optimized for Apple silicon.

How to get early access to new Skype features

Microsoft maintains a special version of Skype for people on the bleeding edge of technology, Skype Insider. It was designed as a playground for new features that are in testing and haven’t yet launched commercially.

To get early access to new Skype releases, download the Skype Insider app from the Skype website. Keep in mind that installing Skype Insider will overwrite your current Skype installation. Read: How to record calls with Skype for iPhone