XinaA15 jailbreak updated to v1.1.6.2 with various changes; read before updating

The XinaA15 developer-centric jailbreak tool for A12-A15 chip-equipped handsets running iOS or iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 by @xina520 received an update over the weekend to version

Xina520 releases the XinaA15 version jailbreak tool.

An official change log for this update was never posted along with the announcement Tweet, but citing a comment by a admin sanderzenHD in the jailbreak’s Discord server, we can gather that at least the following changes are present:

  • Improved jailbreak stability
  • Make changes to tweak injection
  • Improve font support
  • Fix a random reboot issue in launchd
  • Implement preliminary fixes for a random reboot issue (not yet fully fixed)
  • Remove all package managers
  • Add a new process viewer

As you will notice, this version of the XinaA15 jailbreak removes all package managers. Non-developers who immediately jumped over to the latest version reported all kinds of issues with package managers, and it turns out there’s a process to fix this that needs to be followed.

TrollSTore developer opa334 kindly highlighted the ideal process for upgrading in an /r/jailbreak announcement post:

Definitive guide to updating:

– Uninstall all versions of Sileo (Nightly) you have installed already, install this one with TrollStore (now blocks Procursus updates)
– Install Xina IPA
– Reboot, launch Xina
– Important: If you have updated any Procursus packages previously, enable “Reinstall Jailbreak Environment” (keep in mind this also uninstalls all your tweaks)
– Jailbreak
– Done

Definitive guide to jailbreaking for the first time:

– Install TrollStore
– Install Sileo IPA through TrollStore:
– Install Xina IPA
– Open Xina, hit jailbreak
– Done

In addition to discussing the information above, opa334 added that the latest version of the XinaA15 jailbreak comes with a “borked” bootstrap with patched packages that work with the jailbreak.

With that in mind, it wouldn’t be wise to update Procursus packages officially through Sileo, which is why Sileo lead developer Amy While just yesterday released a new build of Sileo for XinaA15 that blocks official Procursus package updates for XinaA15 jailbreak users. While it isn’t the ideal solution, it’s the best solution for now.

Currently, the only official download spot for the new XinaA15 version update is via a link shared by @xina520 on Twitter. There is no download website for this jailbreak as there are for other jailbreaks, primarily because it’s not yet ready for the general public and is in its beta stages.