ZAGG offering InvisibleShield screen protectors for the new iPad and a Bluetooth mouse with wireless charging

ZAGG-owned InvisibleShield brand now offers three new screen protectors for Apple’s latest tenth-generation iPad—and a mouse with wireless charging.

InvisibleShield, a ZAGG brand, recently unveiled new accessories for iPad owners, including three new screen protectors, and a Bluetooth mouse.

As we separately reported, ZAGG today unveiled some new eco-friendly InvisibleShield screen protectors for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 series, and the company also expanded its device repair guarantee plans.

Introducing InvisibleShield screen protection for your iPad

Image: ZAGG

ZAGG now offers InvisibleShield screen protectors for the tenth-generation iPad.

Glass Elite
Priced at $50, the Glass Elite uses ion exchange technology to increase strength and durability. This screen protector uses a special coating, dubbed ClearPrint, that minimizes fingerprint marks that reduce the optical quality of the display. In addition, it now has an anti-microbial layer that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Buy Glass Elite for iPad for $50

Glass Elite VisionGuard
A more advanced Glass Elite version sold for an extra $10, this one features a handy blue-light filter to reduce the strain on your eyes when working on your iPad at night. Of course, the Glass Elite VisionGuard uses the same anti-microbial treatment as the regular Glass Elite.

Buy Glass Elite VisionGuard for iPad for $60

GlassFusion+ Canvas
Last but not least, the GlassFusion+ Canvas screen protector has been designed to simulate the experience of drawing or writing on paper.

Costing $50, it’s got a matte surface that provides friction and stroke resistance you can feel when drawing or manipulating objects on the screen with your finger. The effect is similar to paper, with the screen protector remaining totally transparent as you draw and sketch.

Buy GlassFusion Canvas+ for iPad for $50

ZAGG launches the Pro Mouse

Image: ZAGG

Last month, ZAGG unveiled a Bluetooth mouse, dubbed the Pro Mouse. Priced at $80, this mouse charges wirelessly on its own charging map. Even better, it tracks on glass surfaces. You can pair the Pro Mouse with up to three devices and seamlessly switch between them without having to manually pair and unpair devices.

Buy ZAGG Pro Mouse for $80

Also, eco-friendly iPhone screen protectors

Image: ZAGG

The new InvisibleShield Glass VisionGuard Eco screen protector fits all iPhone 14 and 13 models. A custom protective layer, dubbed Eyesafe, reduces light intensity and refractions whilst filtering as much as 40 percent of intense blue light (435-440nm), which may disrupt your sleep.

The accessory features up to thirty percent recycled glass, but eco-friendliness doesn’t stop there: Packaging is 100% recyclable due to plant-based inks and no plastics. The new Glass VisionGuard Eco screen protector has earned ZAGG a Green Product Mark award.

Buy InvisibleShield Glass VisionGuard Eco for $50

The Screen Repair Guarantee Plan expanded

Image: ZAGG

ZAGG has expanded its Screen Repair Guarantee Plan, which now covers Glass Elite VisionGuard for the iPad family (iPad Pros as well as the ninth and tenth-generation iPad), GlassFusion for Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 6, 7 and 8 (41 mm and 45 mm) and Apple Watch SE (40mm and 44 mm). As we previously reported, the Glass XTR2 is also supported by the Screen Repair Guarantee Plan.

In addition, non-Apple devices are now covered by the Screen Repair Guarantee Plan with ZAGG’s Glass Elite for Pixel 7 and Fusion for Pixel 7 Pro.

The Screen Repair Guarantee Plan entitles you to a single up to $250 phone repair should your device ever get damaged with the screen protector on. The Screen Repair Guarantee Plan costs $10 and must be purchased along with a compatible screen protector from InvisibleShield.