ZAGG announces optional one-year screen replacement guarantee for Glass XTR2 screen protector customers

ZAGG, the company largely responsible for manufacturing the InvisibleShield brand of screen protectors for smartphones and tablets, announced on Wednesday an optional warranty plan called the XTR2 & ZAGG Screen Protector Guarantee that would protect customers of the iPhone 14 family of smartphones in the unlikely event that their iPhone’s display shatters while donning the company’s new Glass XTR2 line of screen protectors.

For just 10 additional dollars at the time of purchase of a Glass XTR2 Screen Protector from ZAGG’s website, the company honors up to a $250 display repair of the affected handset’s display was damaged while wearing the supported screen protector for one year after purchase at any repair location that the user chooses. The coverage also extends to the iPhone’s rear camera lenses should they break or crack. After the year of coverage expires, customers would need to purchase a new Glass XTR2 screen protector and warranty plan to acquire an additional year of coverage.

In the event that an iPhone is damaged beyond repair, the warranty will pay out the maximum reimbursement of $250 that the customer can use toward a replacement device. Those funds are reimbursed to the end user upon a verified claim via PayPal or ACH.

The purchased Glass XTR2 screen protector must be registered on ZAGG’s website within 30 days of the date of purchase to be eligible for the warranty coverage. It’s recommended that customers keep their purchase receipt for proof of purchase should they ever need to utilize the warranty’s coverage. Upon registering, customers can download the Warranty Life app from the App Store to activate their warranty with a unique code generated at the time of registration and purchase.

ZAGG is far from the first company to offer such a protection, and their price is competitive with many of the big brands you likely already know and love. On the other hand, ZAGG’s reimbursement amount and rear camera lens coverage stand out from the crowd with its $250 reimbursements as most other companies maxing out somewhere between $100 and $150.

As for the Glass XTR2 screen protector, I’m currently rocking one on my new iPhone 14 Pro Max, and it’s one of the clearest Screen protectors I’ve ever had the pleasure of using on an iPhone. The Glass XTR2 features more than just protection, including:

  • New Hexiom shock-absorbing impact technology that makes it 10% stronger than the previous generation Glass XTR
  • Anti-reflective and blue light-filtering properties to keep your display looking great even in high-glare environments and with the best color quality
  • Anti-microbial coating to prevent your iPhone’s screen from being gross to the touch
  • Ultra-smooth surface that allows for frictionless swiping and gaming-level touch performance
  • Anti-dust adhesive to prevent particles from being seen if they get trapped in the adhesive during installation
  • Edge-to-edge protection that plays nicely with the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max handsets

The Glass XTR2 is available from ZAGG’s website for $59.99 for the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, and 14 Pro Max, while the optional warranty adds another $10 to the cost.

You can learn more about ZAGG’s one-year XTR2 & ZAGG Screen Protector Guarantee by visiting the company’s F.A.Q. page.