Video tips: How to edit photos on iPhone for some pretty amazing results

With these camera tips and a little help from third-party apps you can easily edit your shot-on-iPhone photos, even RAW ones, like a pro—for some awesome results!

Apple’s Photos app with its simple yet capable editing tools and filters is perfect for making quick adjustments to your shot-on-iPhone photos. To perform more complex exits that’ll make your photos truly shine, however, you’ll need to take advantage of more advanced third-party software and learn a few iPhone shooting tricks.

To help you make the most from your iPhone camera, we thought it prudent to ask our videographer Michael Billig (@michael_billig) to put together a video walkthrough to lay out some pretty cool ways to edit your iPhone photos.

Video tips: How to edit iPhone photos for amazing results

Male hand manipulating an iPhone image in the TouchRetouch app, using their finger to remove a butterfly sign from a wooden fence
Using TouchRetouch to remove an object | Image: Michael Billig/iDB

Watch the nearly 7-minute video embedded above to dive into a few useful iPhone shooting tricks everyone should know about, such as turning on the camera grid, using the Rule of Thirds, in-camera framing, changing image format and so on.

The video goes on to cover various third-party apps that will help you take your iPhone photos to the next level by applying some powerful presets to RAW images, removing or masking objects, creating attractive photo collages and more.

Click the links below to download apps covered in this video from the App Store:

Alternatives to Layout from Instagram:

Almost all these apps are available across iOS, iPadOS and macOS so you can edit your iPhone photos no matter the device.

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