Pine, Micro habits, Ask and Shake, and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time again for another episode of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great selections for you including a new kind of photo-sharing app, a habit-tracker, and an app that will answer all your questions. And as usual, we’ve picked a great game for you to check out.

Pine – Photo Collections

Here’s an interesting concept. Pine is a back-to-basics photo sharing app with no ads, algorithms, or forced content. You can create your own photo collections, and choose which collections to follow, so you are in control of everything you see. For instance, if you like your friend’s fishing pics but don’t want to see their family, you can choose just to follow their fishing collection. Like I said it’s an interesting concept, time will tell if it has any legs.

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Micro habits – Self-Improvement

Ok, so I probably would have gone with a different logo—definitely a different icon. But nevertheless, Micro Habits is an aesthetically-pleasing app for helping you set goals, develop healthy habits, and track your progress. You can create todo lists, track your mood, write journal entries, and even invite an accountability partner to help keep you on track. It’s a crowded space to get into, but this app may work a certain way, or have a certain feature that will make you want to use it over the others.

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Ask & Shake: For Anything!

Ask & Shake is a simple, gimmicky app built to resemble one of those Magic 8 ball toys. You ask it a question, shake the phone, and it provides a vague answer like ‘maybe.’ And yeah, that’s about all there is to it. Look it was either this or a project management tool for big corporations, so I figured hey, why not go with the more entertaining app that anyone can use. “Should I get pizza for dinner?” “Are the Cowboys going to win the Super Bowl?” See? The possibilities are endless!

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Golden Tee Tournament Edition

From the makers of one of the most popular sports games ever created, comes The Golden Tee Tournament Edition, a golf experience true to the iconic title’s roots. For those unfamiliar with the title, Golden Tee is a popular golf arcade game found in bars and other establishments. It’s been on iOS for a while, and this looks to be a refreshing of that with faster game modes, real cash prizes, and new, exciting head-to-head matches.

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