AirTag firmware 2.0.24 adds Precision Finding support to locate unknown AirTags

The software powering Apple’s AirTag has been refreshed. Learn what’s new in AirTag firmware v.2.0.24 and how to install it on your personal item tracker.

Apple's AirTag personal tracker laid facedown on a Magic Trackpad with the rainbow light pattern reflecting off of its shiny rear surface
The new software update is available for your AirTag | Image: Nikita Ognev / Unsplash
  • What’s happening? Apple has released updated AirTag firmware with version number 2.0.24 and build number 2A24e.
  • Why care? Because now you can use the Precision Finding feature in the Find My app to locate an unknown AirTag that has been moving with you.
  • What to do? Leave your AirTag in the Bluetooth range of your iPhone.

What’s new in AirTag firmware version 2.0.24

The new AirTag software with version number 2.0.24 and build number 2A24e has been released, replacing the previous firmware (version number 1.0.301, build number 1A301). It’s releasing in stages and may take a few weeks to roll out.

A support document on the Apple website outlining what’s new in firmware updates for AirTag details the following changes in AirTag firmware 2.0.24:

Enables Precision Finding to help locate an unknown AirTag detected moving with you. If your iPhone is awake, a notification alerts you when an AirTag that’s separated from its owner is traveling with you and emitting a sound to indicate it has been moved.

Using Precision Finding to locate an AirTag requires iOS 16.2 or later. To use Precision Finding, your iPhone must have Ultra Wideband support. All iPhone models from the iPhone 11 onward feature support for Ultra Wideband networking .

The previous AirTag firmware tweaked the unwanted tracking sound to make it even easier to locate an unknown AirTag.

How to update AirTag firmware

You can’t manually update the AirTag software. Apple says AirTag updates are “delivered periodically,” meaning they’re pushed to customers in stages to minimize the impact of any critical bugs. Read: How to reset AirTag to factory settings

You also can’t speed up this process so keep your AirTag in the iPhone’s Bluetooth range so that the new firmware installs as soon as it’s downloaded.

How to check the AirTag firmware version

You can, however, check the currently installed version if you’d like to confirm whether the software that’s powering your AirTag is up-to-date or not.

To do so, open the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and select the Items tab, then select your AirTag in the list to get to an information panel.

The firmware number will be hidden, but you can reveal it by touching the tracker’s name right above the AirTag’s battery icon. Apple has removed this icon recently, but don’t worry—touching the actual name of your AirTag reveals the serial and firmware numbers. Read: How to know what the different AirTag sounds mean