The Apple TV app is officially coming to Windows in 2023

Apple TV for Windows will let you watch your favorite Apple TV+ series and movies right on your PC, with a preview version arriving later this year.

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Image: Microsoft
  • What’s happening? Microsoft has confirmed that a preview version of Apple’s TV app will launch later this year ahead of a public launch sometime in 2023.
  • Why care? Because currently, you must use a browser to watch Apple TV+ shows on a PC. A native app will provide a smoother experience and faster performance.
  • What to do? Enroll yourself in the Microsoft Insider program if you’d like to take a beta version for a spin when it launches later this year.

The official Apple TV Windows app to launch in 2023

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer for Surface devices, made the announcement on the official Microsoft blog. He writes that Microsoft wants to enable you to more easily access “the entertainment you love from Apple” on Windows devices.

“We’re happy to announce that the Apple TV app will launch on Windows next year,” Panay wrote. However, a beta version of the Apple TV app will arrive later this year in the Microsoft Store for those who don’t mind testing prerelease software.

The Apple TV app is already available on the Xbox consoles. Microsoft has also made other announcements today that will make Apple customers happy.

Apple Music is now available on Xbox devices

Starting today, for example, you can download Apple Music [Microsoft Store link] to the Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles. Now you can finally stream your favorite Apple Music artists, playlists, songs and more on a Windows PC.

“We can’t wait for you to be able to listen to your favorite music, playlists and more from Apple Music and watch your favorite Apple TV+ series and movies, right on your Windows PC.” Read: How to get details about Apple Music songs on macOS

Windows Photos is integrating with iCloud Photos

In November, an update to Windows 11 will make iCloud Photos for those who use the iCloud for Windows software [Windows Store link] integrate with Microsoft’s built-in Photos app. Currently, iCloud Photos only integrates with File Explorer.

The upcoming integration will let you access any iCloud photos and videos from your iPhone within the Windows Photos app. The Windows maker has confirmed that previews of these apps will launch in the Microsoft Store later this year.