iPhone 14 Pros could have bigger batteries but that may not mean longer run time

Apple’s Pro-branded iPhone 14 models are rumored to sport even bigger batteries to power new features like an always-on display. Also, the display bezels should shrink.

Display bezels on iPhone 14 Pros should be a bit skinnier
  • What’s happening? Pro-branded models of the upcoming iPhone 14 might be equipped with bigger batteries while reducing the width of the screen bezels.
  • Why care? Everyone likes bigger batteries and the iPhone XR demonstrated how big of a difference just a few millimeters can make in terms of screen bezels.
  • What to do? Consider whether it’s worthwhile for you to upgrade to an iPhone 14 Pro by asking yourself some questions. Does your current model still run iOS well? Is it speedy enough for your needs? Would that rumored 48-megapixel camera be a compelling reason to upgrade, do you think?

Apple may use bigger batteries for iPhone 14 Pros

“Beyond the notch, I’m told to expect the iPhone 14 Pro models to appear slightly larger overall and include slimmer bezels,” Apple reporter Mark Gurman writes in his Power On newsletter on Bloomberg. “They will have bigger batteries too.”

He didn’t provide further details beyond stating that the Pro-branded devices may appear “slightly larger overall” as a result of the bigger batteries.

So bigger batteries mean a longer run time before needing to juice up your phone, right? That would usually be the case with other manufacturers.

With Apple, the additional battery capacity might be needed to power new features, such as power-sipping always-on displays. On the other hand, the use of the latest 5G chips is expected to decrease battery consumption when using 5G.

That means longer run time, no?

It remains to be seen whether the additional battery capacity will be used up completely to offset the loss of battery life when you’re using an always-on display. At any rate, no one is expecting iPhone 14 Pro battery life to decrease.

Apple a few years ago changed how it expresses battery improvements between iPhones. Instead of providing exact run time, the company now says things like the 13 Pro Max is capable of 2.5 more hours of battery life than its predecessor.

You may need a new charger

The current iPhone 13 Pro Max model is equipped with a 4,352 mAh battery, the most capacious cell of all iPhone models to date.

To fast-charge any iPhone 13 battery, you need a 20-watt or higher power adapter compatible with the USB Power Delivery protocol. This feature lets you charge your phone from zero to fifty percent in less than thirty minutes.

However, the iPhone 14 models are thought to require a 30-watt charger which Apple will launch soon, which means you might need to purchase a new charger.

All lingering questions surrounding the next iPhone, AirPods Pro and Apple Watch will be answered on Wednesday when Apple has scheduled its press event under the tagline “Far Out.” Read: How to see battery percentage on any iPhone