Apple Music for Android is getting 3 new features ahead of iOS 16 launch

The three new features scheduled to come to the Apple Music Android app before iOS 16 launches include new music notifications from artists you favorite.

Apple's marketing image for Apple Music
  • What’s happening? Android users will soon be able to favorite artists on Apple Music and see their favorites in Listen Now. As if that wasn’t enough, the refreshed app will provide music notifications from favorited artists.
  • Why care? Apple Music for Android is missing some of the features available in the Music app on iOS 16. This upcoming update will bring feature parity.
  • What to do? The new features are currently available in the Apple Music for Android beta. People who don’t have it will need to wait until an update to the public edition of the app is available on Google’s Play Store.

3 new features in Apple Music for Android

According to 9to5Google, the app highlights the following new features:

  • Introducing Favorites: Get better recommendations when you favorite artists you care about.
  • Your Favorites in Listen Now: Revisit artists you favorite in a new Listen Now row.
  • New Music Updates: Stay up-to-date with new music notifications from artists you favorite.

As mentioned, version 4.0 of the Android app is currently in testing. It should launch for all users by the time Apple releases its iOS 16 update to the masses.

References to “Apple Classical” discovered

The site notes that there’s now a star in the top-right corner of artist pages. Touching the icon lets you favorite an artist to stay on top of their upcoming new releases. Any artists you favorite shall appear in a new Listen Now row.

Favoriting will influence the Apple Music algorithm and improve recommendations.

Other improvements include sorting songs in a playlist by order, title, artist, album, or release date. References to “Apple Classical” continue to pop up in code strings, but Apple has yet to release its rumored app for classical music, based on its acquisition of Primephonic. Read: 10 handy Apple Music tips