Apple’s rumored ‘extreme sports watch’ will be more rugged, have a bigger screen and battery, and launch in 2022

At some point, Apple is probably going to launch a more rugged version of its smartwatch. It has been rumored long enough by now. And, according to the latest rumor, it turns out that we may actually see the new smartwatch launch before the end of 2022.

A closeup of an Apple Watch Series 7 on a male wrist, with an Infograph watch face displayed on the screen
| Image: Omar Al-Ghosson / Unsplash

That’s based on a report from Bloomberg, which was published today. In that story, we’re told that Apple is planning to make some big change to the familiar Apple Watch design for its upcoming rugged design. The upcoming smartwatch will feature not only a bigger display –the biggest display for one of its smartwatches to date– and a bigger battery life, but also boast a metal case.

This isn’t just a more rugged design for rugged’s sake, though. The report indicates Apple is going to sell this Apple Watch variant specifically to extreme sports athletes.

The new watch’s display will measure in at just under two inches, based on the details shared in the original story. Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 8 will retain the 1.9-inch display. (An update for the Apple Watch SE will keep the same display size, too. So no changes there.) This means the upcoming rugged Apple Watch will have about 7% more screen real estate, with a resolution around 410×502.

The bigger screen means more information for those wearing the smartwatch:

Apple could use the larger screen area to show more fitness metrics or information on watch faces at one time. The company added several new fitness features in watchOS 9, including multisport workouts and improved intensity tracking during exercise routines.

These compelling changes may sway a lot of people out there to go with the more rugged option, especially with that larger display. But it will be interesting to see how hard Apple pushes this particular Apple Watch variant for the extreme sports athletes. Plus, one has to wonder how much something like this will cost, especially with its more rugged metal casing, will cost.

We don’t have long to wait, though, if the launch window pans out. Apple is expected to announce the new rugged Apple Watch alongside the Apple Watch Series 8 this fall. So that is basically right around the corner.

If Apple does launch this more rugged, sports-centric Apple Watch, will you buy one?