Video: Reasons why iOS 16 is so great

With its rich customization features, iOS 16 isn’t nearly as boring as nay-sayers would have you believe. In this video, we discuss why iOS 16 is such a great update.

  • Contrary to what you read online, iOS 16 isn’t boring. It’s a big, exciting update that brings many user-requested features, including rich customization.
  • iOS 16 is packed to the gills with visual customization on the lock screen. Remember the times when everybody’s lock screen looked the same?
  • In this video by our Michale Billig (@michael_billig), we make the case why iOS 16 is actually such a great update. You might want to give it a quick look so that next time someone says iOS 16 is boring, you can hit them with counter-arguments.

Video: Reasons why iOS 16 is great

An iPhone on a stand running the Messages app, with the contextual menu displaying options include the new Undo Send feature in iOS 16
iOS 16 brings Undo Send to Messages. | Image: Michael Billing / iDB

Who says iOS 16 is boring? Some folks are indeed pushing such a narrative. Only short-sighted people are incapable of seeing beyond the thrills of heavily-advertised tentpole features. In reality, both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are awesome updates that offer many new features. What’s more important, Apple appears to be listening to its customers more than ever before—iOS 16 is packed with the little things and under-the-hood improvements, many of which are features people have been asking for for years now (such as the ability to recall a message or edit a message).

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Customization is the name of the game

As if that wasn’t enough, iOS 16 continues Android-like customization that began with custom keyboards in iOS 10. That trend has continued with home screen widgets in recent releases so here we are today, with a heavily customizable lock screen in iOS 16 and a bunch of other customization options that you’ll find peppered throughout the operating system if you just scratch under the surface.