Video: Lesser-known hidden features in iOS 16 you didn’t know about

We’re showcasing some of the best hidden iPhone features in iOS 16 that Apple hasn’t highlighted or you simply may not necessarily be familiar with, yet.

Video: Hidden features in iOS 16 you may now know about

In this video created by iDB’s Michael Billig, we showcase some of the lesser-known hidden features in iOS 16 that most people are unlikely to find on their own. If you already use the iOS 16 beta on your device, you might have stumbled upon some of those features. Familiar with most of them? Then why not meet us in the comments and share your own favorite iOS 16 tidbits and little gems worth checking out?

Some of the hidden features that Michael’s video uncover include helpful tidbits such as the ability to see your Wi-Fi password, a new way to invoke Spotlight search, privacy enhancements in Control Center, coping image edits in Photos and more.

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The iOS 16 icon is set against a solid light-gray background in this image from Apple

We’re not going to lust all the hidden features in iOS 16 that the video covers because we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. If you like this video, be sure to check out our other ones covering these topics:

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