Today at Apple shows how to ‘Craft Your Mantra Collage’ on an iPad with artist Quentin Jones

A while back, Apple axed its Today at Apple in-store sessions due to the (ongoing) coronavirus pandemic. This meant that customers couldn’t go into a physical retail shop and learn how to do cool things with their devices, like how to make eye-catching artwork on an iPad, for instance. To help with that, Apple started leaning into online tutorials instead, publishing YouTube videos to show folks how to take full advantage of their device(s) from an artistic perspective.

And while Apple has officially restarted its in-store Today at Apple sessions as of March of this year, the online tutorials haven’t stopped. The most recent one celebrates not only the iPad and its artistic prowess, but also artist Quentin Jones. In this video, Jones shows off how to “Craft Your Mantra Collage” on an iPad.

To get it done, and to make stunning mantra collages right on the iPad, you’ll use Apple’s hardware and Apple’s Keynote app. The collages are even animated. Along with the iPad, folks will use the Apple Pencil (which is optional) to help get the job done.

Jones is joined by Creative Pro Anthony from Apple to show off how it all comes together. You can watch the new tutorial above, and here’s the official description accompanying the video:

Learn how to use Keynote as a creative tool to craft animated mantra collages on iPad using Apple Pencil, with artist Quentin Jones and Creative Pro Anthony from Today at Apple.

The latest Today at Apple session measures in at just over six minutes in length. So not as in-depth as some similar efforts might be, but certainly enough to show off how to create something great.