How to order Apple’s M2-powered 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has now begun accepting preorders for its updated 13-inch MacBook Pro notebook powered by the company’s latest Apple M2 chipset.

The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple's M2 chip, still rocking that useless Touch Bar and two Thunderbolt 3 ports like the previous model
This MacBook Pro still has Apple’s useless Touch Bar | Image: Apple
  • Apple on Friday, June 17, started accepting orders for its recently updated 13-inch MacBook Pro notebook featuring the company’s latest M2 chipset.
  • Unfortunately, the updated computer still includes Apple’s useless Touch Bar feature. You also get two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports, like the previous versions
  • The first deliveries will start the following Friday, June 24.

How to order Apple’s 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro

Apple began accepting orders for its M2-equipped MacBook Pro on Friday, June 17, at 5am Pacific Time / 8am Eastern Time. You can order yours in several ways, including via the online Apple store, the company’s official Apple Store app [App Store link] or its authorized resellers. Other sellers such as Amazon may offer the computer at a later stage. Read: How to customize Mac trackpad gestures

Which MacBook Pro upgrades does Apple offer?

You can choose from two basic configurations, the $1,299 baseline model and the more powerful $1,499 model, with the latter providing double the SSD storage (512GB) for an extra $200. Feel free to configure your computer on the online Apple store with additional storage and memory. The available upgrades include 512GB/1TB/2TB for an extra $200/$400/$800 and 16GB/24GB of RAM for an extra $200/$400. A fully loaded system with 24GB of unified memory and 2TB of flash storage will set you back $2,500. Read: How to use high power mode on your Mac

What’s missing from the 13″ MacBook Pro?

The 13-inch MacBook Pro with M2 was unveiled at Apple’s June 9 WWDC 2022 keynote. It remains the only computer in Apple’s lineup featuring the company’s much-criticized Touch Bar feature which was ditched from all other MacBooks. Another feature carried over from the previous model: Two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports. The computer lacks MagSafe charging that Apple revived on its other notebooks so you’ll need to connect it to power using one of its two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports.

What are the key improvements to look forward to?

The key features of the 13″ MacBook Pro with M2

For starters, the M2-equipped 13-inch MacBook Pro features up to 24GB of fast unified memory (versus 16GB in the previous model) and 50 percent more memory bandwidth. Working with ProRes video is now smooth thanks to hardware acceleration. Compared to the M1, the new M2 silicon platform sports the same 8-core CPU as the M1, but faster, and two additional graphics cores for a total of ten.

Apple says working with RAW images in Affinity Photo is 40 percent faster than the previous generation and up to 3.4x faster for users who are upgrading from an older, Intel-based MacBook Pro. Baldur’s Gate 3 runs 40 percent faster than before and approximately 3.3x faster compared to a model with an Intel chip.

When will Apple release the M2-powered MacBook Air?

Apple also announced an overhauled MacBook Air with M2 alongside the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The redesigned MacBook Air will begin arriving to customers in July. Apple is yet to announce when it’s going to start taking preorders for the new Air so keep your eyes peeled as we keep you in the loop. The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro and the redesigned MacBook Air are the first Apple computers powered by the M2, the company’s second-generation silicon architecture for the Mac.