At least one analyst is skeptical about that rumored 12-inch MacBook

Is Apple going to launch a brand new 12-inch laptop sometime in the near future? It’s certainly a possibility, in the sense it’s Apple we’re talking about and they can basically do whatever they want when it comes to launching new hardware. And there are certainly plenty of rumors out there suggesting just that. But at least one analyst isn’t so sure.

First, let’s get the backstory out of the way. Not too long ago, Bloomberg reported that Apple is currently working on a brand new 12-inch laptop. The company apparently plans to launch the new/revamped product before the end of 2023 or sometime in early 2024, if it becomes a real product at all. The original 12-inch MacBook wasn’t a powerhouse, but since that first report surfaced there has been some speculation regarding whether or not the new model would be an entry-level device, or if it would fall in the MacBook Pro lineup, despite the screen size.

Now, it’s worth noting that the MacBook Air currently holds the spot for the smallest screen size for an Apple-branded laptop, at 13 inches. That won’t change much even with the redesigned model coming down the pipe, with its larger 13.6-inch display. From there, Apple also offers the 13-inch MacBook Pro, along with a 14-inch MacBook Pro and the largest of the family, the 16-inch variant.

So, the question is: does Apple want a 12-inch laptop to be the base model moving forward?

That’s where some of Display Supply Chain Consultants’ Ross Young hesitation comes from, apparently. The analyst is “skeptical” that Apple plans to launch a new 12-inch laptop anytime in the future, mostly because the company has decided that 13 inches is a good place to start. Screen size wise.

Ross tweeted out as much to his Super Followers on Twitter recently, saying “We are skeptical on a 12″ MacBook at this point. Apple’s strategy for notebooks is currently 13″ and larger. Companies in the MacBook Pro display supply chain we talked to are not aware of it.”

So, two very reliable individuals (Gurman at Bloomberg and Ross at DSCC) saying two very different things, regarding a new 12-inch laptop. So, who is right? At the moment, it’s possible that they both are. Let’s not forget that Apple prototypes a lot of different devices at any given time, which means it’s certainly possible that Apple could be testing a 12-inch laptop at the moment. However, that does not mean the product will actually see the light of day as a thing customers can buy. Plans change all the time.

And it’s also possible that Apple is so early in development of a new 12-inch laptop that its display supply chain partners just aren’t aware of the product just yet. After all, the original report from Bloomberg told us the new laptop might launch in late 2023, or even early 2024. So Apple definitely still has some time in that regard.

As it stands right now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out. A 12-inch laptop does seem pretty small these days, but if Apple can work it out so that the bezels are small, maybe it would be a hot commodity for some customers out there. Then again, the brand new MacBook Air with its larger 13.6-inch display also reduces the overall weight and profile compared to the model it’s effectively replacing.

What do you think? Should Apple launch a new 12-inch laptop? If they do, will you buy it?