Focus Noodles, Habit Rabbit, Teaser and other apps to check out this weekend

We are still recovering from the long WWDC week, but that didn’t stop us from putting out our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great picks for you including a noodle-based focus timer, a rabbit-friendly task tracker, and a super smart movie maker. And as always, we’ve selected a fun new game for you to check out.

Focus Noodles

Focus Noodles is a fun productivity timer that aims to help you focus on your work or activity. Just turn your phone over to start the timer. When time is up, your noodles will be ready and you’ll get a funny tale to prepare you for your next task. This app was a finalist for Apple’s ’22 Design Awards, and it connects to your Health app to record ‘mindfullness.’

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Habit Rabbit: Task Tracker

Continuing the trend of gamify-ing productivity, we have Habit Rabbit. It’s a task tracker with a twist–accomplish your daily or weekly goals to clean up your rabbit’s home. Earn coins and carrots to customize your rabbit and its dwelling. Probably not for the power user, but persistent procrastinators should check it out.

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TEASER: Auto Movie Reel Maker

As the title suggests, Teaser is an app that will automatically make awesome movies from your videos with just one tap. You either select the moments yourself, or let the app scan your photo library and find them itself. I know it sounds super intrusive, but they are doing some really cool AI-type stuff here and the privacy policy is fairly standard.

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Gunfire Reborn

It’s getting harder to find rich, quality games that aren’t exclusive to Apple Arcade, but I think we have one here. For those not familiar with the popular Steam title, Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game with elements of FPS, Roguelite and RPG genres. Players can control heroes with various abilities and experience diverse build gameplay.

Download for $7

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