Apple’s new Freeform app will add a digital drawing board to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS later in 2022

Say hello to Freeform, a brand new app that brings a digital drawing board to iPadOS, macOS, and iOS, which can work with a remote collaborative working group to bring their ideas together in real time.

The Freeform board is a collaborative tool, letting users take notes, create diagrams, and much more. And it’s designed to work with a range of different people at the same time. That includes a live cursor that will show where each person is currently editing something. You can use touch to interact, and zoom in with pinch-to-zoom. There are new features like pen and pencil input, thanks to the Apple Pencil. It also supports adding documents, PDFs, web links, videos, photos, and much more.

The new board offers previews in real-time, so you can keep tabs on what’s happening.

The Freeform apps is coming soon, according to Apple. The company says it’s building the app right into iPadOS, macOS, and iOS, so it will be a new element that users can work with especially in remote work groups. And of course, it all works with Apple’s other features, including FaceTime, so you can group chat with the folks working on your Freeform board at the same time.

The new app will arrive later this year, but Apple didn’t nail down a launch date during its unveiling.