Official macOS Ventura wallpaper

In a recorded media presentation during WWDC 2022, Apple unveiled the latest desktop capabilities in macOS Ventura. By adding powerful productivity tools and new cross platform features, the Mac experience continues to improve. Naturally, onboard is a crispy new macOS Ventura wallpaper.

Official macOS Ventura wallpaper

The new macOS 13 Ventura brings several new capabilities to the platform. “Stage Manager automatically organizes  open apps and windows so users can concentrate on their work and still see everything in a single glance,” according to the official Apple press release.

In this Zoom era, having a great webcam is always helpful and iPhone has one of the best cameras in your house. Using Continuity Camera, macOS can utilize the iPhone as a web cam. Thanks to Continuity, macOS will simply find nearby iPhones and wirelessly utilize them for video conferencing. It will also use Center Stage and Portrait mode, plus a new Studio Light option.

On the video topic, Continuity will now allow users to start calls on one device and them seamlessly transfer it to another Apple device nearby. This works between iPhone, iPad, and desktop devices.

macOS Ventura wallpaper is also one of the additions everyone expects. Below are the Light Mode and Dark Mode official wallpaper downloads. These are 6K square versions that will naturally also work on an iPad screen given the canvas size and orientation.

Apple macOS 13 Ventura wallpaper Download
Apple macOS 13 Ventura wallpaper Dark Mode Download

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