Apple Maps gets big updates in iOS 16, including multi-stop routing and much more

Apple is updating the Maps app again, making it even better. That starts with brand new features, some of which have been requested by users for quite some time. And the better Maps experience, which has been rolling out for quite some time, is going out to more cities.

France, Switzerland, and New Zealand are getting the updated Maps feature, which includes Look Around, better mapping information, and much more. That includes better land coverage, better navigation and transit information, and much more. Las Vegas in the United States is getting added, too. Chicago, Miami, and other cities are also coming down the pipe, too.

With iOS 16, Maps is getting big changes for both users and developers. That starts with the newest feature: multi-stop routing. You can now plan out 15 stops in advance. And with multi-stop routes, the feature can be sent from a Mac, too. And users can add stops with Siri, too.

With Transit, Maps is making it easier to see fares to see how it all shakes out in the cost department.