Video tips: 10 useful things you can do with your iPad

As iPad fans, we’re always eager to learn something new. Watch this hands-on video for some pretty cool tips, tricks and useful things you can do with your Apple tablet.

Video: 10 useful iPad tips

Our videographer Michael (@michael_billig) has put together for you boys and girls a quick hands-on video walkthrough in which he showcases some of the better things you can do with your iPad. If some of you are already familiar with some of the tips and tricks, feel free to share tips of your own by leaving a comment down below.

Grab your iPads and follow along as we show you some impressive things you can do with these devices. If you’ve already mastered the iPad, don’t worry as there are always new little things to learn. And please pass on this video as an inspiration to your friends who may be eyeing an iPad. Read: How to mirror iPad on a smart TV

If you like these quick-tips videos, there’s plenty more where that came from! If we may, we’d like to recommend to you the 50 cool iPhone tips and another video solely dedicated to the notification system on your iPhone. Oh, and don’t forget about a cool tip which allows you to use and quickly switch between 3 million wallpapers on your iPhone, all sourced from Unsplash.

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