Everything you need to know about notifications on your iPhone

Watch this video walkthrough to master iPhone notifications and take advantage of not only Apple’s Focus and Do Not Disturb modes but also time-sensitive alerts, etc.

Video: iPhone notifications 101

So you think you already know all there’s to learn about notifications on your iPhone? We won’t argue against that. But if you’re the type who’s always open to learning new tricks, our videographer Harris Craycraft has just what you need—a video packed to the gills with everything you need to know about iPhone notifications. Seriously, you should watch Harris’s video and share it with your friends and family.

Who invented notifications, anyway?

Apple's iPhone 13 laid next to glasses is being featured in this closeup photo, illustrating the ability to silence all iPhone notifications when the device is face down or covered

It was actually Google, not Apple, which popularized and mainstreamed notifications. Notifications are one of the defining features of Android and still are. In some aspects, Android’s notification system continues to be superior to Apple’s. Now, major iOS releases include a few improvements to Apple’s notification system, and they add up over time. That’s why we now have several types of notifications, such as rich notifications, time-sensitive notifications, critical notifications and more. And on top of all that, there’s the Notification Center, iOS 15’s new Focus modes and a bunch of toggles to tame all those alerts that are constantly vying for your attention. Read: How to stop getting calls with DND and Focus modes