How to restart your Apple Studio Display

Learn how to restart Apple Studio Display, which has no power button, in case you’ve encountered bugs or run into software issues after updating its firmware.

Apple's marketing image showing a creative professional sitting at their desk and using a Mac Studio computer connected to a Studio Display
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Why restart your Studio Display in the first place?

Apple’s Studio Display is a capable monitor with some cool smarts built into it, such as Apple’s custom A13 Bionic chip from the iPhone 11 that handles Siri, spatial audio on a six-speaker sound system, etc. Like with all devices, you’re recommended to restart your Studio Display from time to time, especially if you run into problems with the integrated 12-megapixel camera, microphone or something else. Unexpected software issues can also occur after updating the display’s firmware.

It is very much recommended to restart your Studio Display on occasion even if you’re not experiencing any issues. This $1,600 external monitor runs its own internal version of the iOS operating system so restarting the device is a quick way to fix critical problems such as unexpected crashes or the camera acting up.

How to restart an Apple Studio Display

Because the Studio Display has no power button and no software toggle to restart it, you must disconnect it from the power source for a few seconds.

  1. Disconnect your Studio Display’s plug from the power socket.
  2. Wait a few seconds when the screen goes blank.
  3. Reconnect the Studio Display back into the power socket.

Just like your iPhone doesn’t instantly become available after being turned on, the Studio Display also does not power on immediately—wait patiently after plugging the display back into power until the monitor restarts and becomes available again.

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A restart keeps your monitor running more smoothly

No device is safe from software bugs. Apple’s smart monitor is no exception. Whether the sound is muffled or the camera is malfunctioning or something else is messing with your Studio Display, restarting it should immediately solve any problems you’re encountering. But what about certain issues that are not solvable with a simple restart, instead requiring a software update to fix permanently?

Thankfully, Apple occasionally releases firmware updates for the Studio Display that fix critical bugs and even introduce new features such as improved webcam performance. These updates should be automatic though Apple also provides a way for customers to check for Studio Display software updates manually.