Effekt, Lensto, Sideline and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s time again for another Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have a generative art app for making cool backgrounds, an AI-run photo editor, and a Reddit client for sports fans. And as always, we’ve picked a fun new game to check out.

Effekt | HD Art Creator

Effekt is a generative art app that enables you to create beautiful Lock Screen and desktop backgrounds without any real artistic talent. There are unlimited combinations of colors and patterns, and you can export your work as a Live Wallpaper or 8K image.

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Lensto: AutoBackground Changer

Lensto is a photo editor that allows you to remove or change the backgrounds of your photos using AI. There are obviously a ton of apps out there that do this, but this one features 60+ color filters and effects, including Cartoonify and Kaleidoscope, and a host of other customization options.

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Sideline: Live Game Threads

This is a pretty cool idea. Sideline is a supercharged Reddit client for sports fans. The app has launched with a focus on basketball, but plans to expand to other major sports, including football/soccer. You get live in-game threads, real-time stats and scores, trending news, highlights and more. No ads!

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Starry Strike

If you’re looking for a fun new game to check out this weekend, take a peek at Starry Strike. It’s a sci-fi-themed, 2D shooter in which you, a Space Defender, must protector your planet from the Evil Space Penguins. There are unique stages and end-of-level bosses, online co-play, and more.

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