Apple TV+ launches on select Xfinity devices from Comcast

You can now download an official Apple TV+ app from Comcast to enjoy Apple’s video service on compatible Xfinity devices including the X1 and Flex.

Marketing image showcasing the official Apple TV+ app from Comcast on Xfinity Flex
Image credit: Comcast
  • Apple TV+ is now available on Comcast’s entertainment platforms in the US.
  • Compatible devices include the Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex and XClass TV.
  • The staggered rollout will take several days to complete.

Comcast introduces an Apple TV+ app

Comcast on March 7 announced its official Apple TV+ app, written using its new tool for developers, would be rolling out over the course of several days. Xfinity customers without an existing Apple TV+ subscription will be offered a three-month free trial of Apple TV+ when signing up via their Xfinity device by April 25, 2022.

From a press release published on the Comcast website:

Customers can access Apple TV+ by saying “Apple TV+” into their voice remote or by saying the name of a desired title from the streaming service (like, “Ted Lasso” or “The Morning Show”).

On top of that, Apple will offer Xfinity customers from March 15 through March 21 a preview of some of its most popular original series and films (such as “Greyhound”) without requiring sign-up or sign-in, Comcast has confirmed. Apple TV+ joins other video-streaming services that are available on Xfinity devices such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and others. Back in December 2021, Apple TV+ arrived on the Sky Q and Sky Glass devices in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Which Xfinity devices does Apple TV+ support?

Apple TV+ is available on these Xfinity devices from Comcast:

  • Xfinity X1
  • Xfinity Flex
  • XClass TV

Comcast wouldn’t say whether there are any plans to support Apple TV+ on other devices. Given that the aforementioned devices sold more than fifty millions units so far, this is undoubtedly a significant opportunity for Apple’s streaming service.

Apple TV+ is also available across Apple’s devices through the conpany’s preinstalled TV app, as well as on third-party streaming sticks and TV sets from Amazon, Sony, Vizio, Samsung, LG and others.