Apple’s new spring-colored iPhone 13 MagSafe cases leak ahead of the event

Apple is apparently readying four new spring-themed colors for the iPhone 13 MagSafe cases to launch officially at its virtual event on Tuesday, March 8.

Four images shared in a grid that depict the alleged new spring-themed colors for Apple's MagSafe cases for the iPhone 13 family
Image credit: Majin Bu / Twitter
  • Shared images show Apple’s new iPhone 13 MagSafe case colors
  • Apple should launch four new colors for its own iPhone 13 MagSafe cases
  • Apple should hold an online-only product reveal on International Women’s Day

Apple could soon launch 4 new iPhone 13 MagSafe colors

Account “Majin Bu” who shared these images on Twitter claims they represent Apple’s upcoming MagSafe-based cases for the iPhone 13 family in four new color options that are currently unavailable. The images suggest that these spring-themed color options are for Apple’s silicone cases. It’s unclear if there will be any new color options for the company’s leather-based iPhone cases come this spring.

Based on the images that Bu shared online, Apple’s spring refresh should include these new color options for the company’s iPhone 13 MagSafe cases:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Light Blue
  • Midnight Green

Keep in mind that those names don’t represent Apple’s marketing names for the new colors. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who recently speculated that Apple would likely hold its online-only event on March 8, has chimed in on Twitter saying he expected all of the newly shared MagSafe cases to drop on March 8.

iDB’s take: More color options could be in the works

We couldn’t vouch for the authenticity of the shared images, but they seem to be legit based on factors such as design, the position and size of the Apple logo and packaging. At any rate, Apple updates several of its products each year around the spring with new color options such as Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases.

We expect this year to be no different. In other words, we think there’ll indeed be some new colors for the iPhone 13 MagSafe cases coming out this spring. These images almost certainly represent the real cases launching soon from Apple, which gives you some idea about the color options Apple might offer with spring-themed Apple Watch bands come March 8. Read: Featured MagSafe accessories for iPhone