Could Apple’s new app focused on classical music be launching soon? Apple Music for Android now references “Apple Classical”

The “Apple Classical” name for an app based on the Primephonic deal was revealed in Apple Music for Android, hinting that the official launch might not be too far away.

Apple's marketing image for Apple Music
  • In 2021, the iPhone maker acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic to improve the classical music experience within Apple Music.
  • Apple promised to build a new app that will utilize the classic user interface from Primephonic’s discontinued, building on top of that foundation with new features.
  • References to “Apple Classical” have been discovered in the latest beta of Apple Music for Android, suggesting that this could be the official name of Apple’s app. It also signals that a launch might not be too far away, probably a matter of weeks.

Apple Classical is a new Apple app based on Primephonic

Apple’s acquisition of the classical music-streaming app Primephonic in 2021 was hailed as a talent/product acquisition meant to improve the classical music experience on Apple Music. We now suspect an unreleased app could be named “Apple Classical” because the latest beta of Apple Music for Android includes relevant code strings.

As discovered by 9to5Google, a string within the app’s code reads ”Open in Apple Classical”. This is most likely a new option in Apple’s Music app that will permit people to continue listening to a classical music track in the dedicated “Apple Classical” app.

With that deadline nearing, the Apple Music beta features a string that reveals the name “Apple Classical,” and the upcoming ability to open a compatible track directly in the optimized service. That looks to be the name for the upcoming Android app, but it could always change before launch.

The discovery of the string also suggests that an official launch could be on the horizon.

When will the Primephonic-based Apple Classical app launch?

We think Apple will announce the Apple Classial app during its online-only spring reveal happening around soemtime in March. Those launches usually focus on hardware, but Apple did unveil some of its services at spring events in the past so doing that again wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. Read: The best classical music apps for iPhone and iPad

Another clue of a possible spring launch: After Apple announced the Primephonic deal in August 2021, the Cupertini giant discontinued Primephonic’s classical music streaming service. A few weeks later, it advised that existing subscribers switch to Apple Music until the new app, unnamed at the time, was ready in early 2022.

Primephonic died handpicked recommendations from human experts with contextual details on the music you were listening to. The new Apple Classical app will replicate the Primephonic experience while potentially offering visual, audial and haptic stimuli. Apple will also bring new features to the Apple Classical app, including better browsing, improved search, richer metadata and other enhancements.