Apple Music’s classical music experience will include visual, audial and haptic stimuli

The upcoming Primephonic-based classical music experience within Apple’s Music app on iPhone will apparently also include visual interactions and haptic stimulus.

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  • Apple continues to work on a dedicated classical music experience for the Music app
  • It’s based on Apple’s acquisition of the classical music-streaming app Primephonic
  • Features will include visual, audial and haptic interactions

Apple Music Classical is getting a Primephonic treatment

Apple is developing a music app dedicated to classical music based on its Primephonic acquisition that will support visual, audial and haptic interactions among other features.

Apple is now actively seeking a user experience engineer to join its classical music team, according to a listing on the company’s official Jobs at Apple website spotted by MacRumors. The role, located in London or Amsterdam, involves working closely with Apple’s other software and services teams to provide “UX expertise and new perspectives” specifically for Primephonic.

The classical music experience is coming to Apple Music

The iPhone maker acquired Primephonic, a music-streaming app specifically designed for classical music lovers, earlier this year. Billed as premium-quality audio, Primephonic leverages handpicked recommendations from experts and contextual details on the music you’re listening to.

The acquisition will help Apple improve the classical music experience within its own music-streaming service, which involves utilizing the classic user interface from the Primephonic app, coupled with new features and elements.

That will start with playlists built from Primephonic’s recommendations, as well as exclusive audio content. Future updates will create an even better experience overall what with better browsing, improved search, richer metadata and more.

Where did the Primephonic app go?

Apple doesn’t intend to keep Primephonic going as a standalone service.

Following the acquisition, Primephonic stopped accepting new subscribers and subsequently shut down. Apple appeased current Primephonic subscribers by treating them to six months of Apple Music for free with access to thousands of classical albums that support the lossless audio format and spatial audio.