iOS 15.2 brings back Siri‌ commands that were removed in iOS 15.0

The newly released iOS 15.2 update has revived previously removed Siri commands for voicemail, recent calls and email, frequently used by low vision and blind ‌owners.

An image showing an iPhone displaying Siri search results, held in a young female's hand


  • iOS 15.0 removed accessibility Siri commands for phone, voicemail and more
  • The iOS 15.2 update reintroduces the removed Siri requests
  • Those commands were heavily used by low vision users

iOS 15.2 brings back removed Siri commands

The September 20 release of iOS 15.0 came as a surprise to low vision and blind users who found out that the software update removed several Siri commands for voicemail, missing calls and email. Read: How to temporarily stop Hey Siri from listening

It’s unclear why those commands were removed, but we’re pleased to learn that iOS 15.2 has now reintroduced Siri commands for listening to the most recent voicemail message, checking your voicemail and call histories, as well as getting information on recent calls.

The following commands have been reintroduced in iOS 15.2:

  • Do I have any voicemails?
  • Play my voicemail messages
  • Check my call history
  • Check my recent calls
  • Who called me?
  • Send an email
  • Send an email to [person]

Before, those commands yielded a message, saying “Sorry, I can’t help with that“.

iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 also fixed an issue with Siri not responding while VoiceOver is running and iPhone is locked, according to a support document on Apple’s website.