Razer launches the Phone Cooler Chroma with MagSafe support to help keep your phone cool

You may have to do quite a bit on your iPhone 13 to make it get a little hot under the hood, but it’s certainly not impossible. Especially if you run a lot of intensive games on your device. So, Razer has come up with a solution. A fan. For your phone.

That’s right! Razer has just launched the Phone Cooler Chroma, and it’s a smartphone cooling fan. And it looks like one, too. Razer did spice things up by adding the customizable Chroma RGB for lighting options, though. You simply attach the smartphone cooling fan to the back of your iPhone and go, letting it keep your device cool and comfortable while you play.

The Phone Cooler Chroma features a Peltier cooling tile with heat sink, which draws the heat away from your phone and dissipates it through a quiet, but powerful 7-blade fan. So, even when you’re playing whatever game you might be playing, the fan itself should stay quiet even as it works to keep your phone cool.

Meanwhile, those customizable lights come in the flavor of 12 RGB LEDs. Razer is including a 1.5m USB-C cable for “convenient power while you game.”

It’s also MagSafe compatible, so it will attach magnetically to the back of eligible phones (iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups, so far). It does also support Android handsets, but, in those cases, there’s a clamp that attaches the fan to the back of the phone.

The Razer Phone Cooler Chroma is available now directly from Razer’s online store. It’s priced at $59.99.