How to request a refund from Apple for apps, media, and subscriptions

This guide shows you how to request a refund from Apple for an app, music, movie, TV show, or subscription you bought accidentally or if it doesn’t work as expected. You can follow these steps on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC to ask for a refund.

Report a Problem screen on iPhone for requesting refund from Apple

You can get a refund from Apple for most purchases made on the App Store, iTunes Store, Books Store, and other Apple services. The process to request a refund for a purchased app, music, movie, TV show, ringtone, in-app purchase, or subscription is the same. But it depends solely on Apple’s discretion. In most cases, people will get the money back. So there’s no harm in placing the request.

Important: The refund request option is only for genuine reasons. You must not mistreat this as a workaround to get free trials. Even after you get the refund, the app developer may still have to pay Apple its standard share of the payment (30% or 15%). So, make sure not to misuse this.

How to get a refund from Apple using iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC

Sometimes after buying an app, you’ll find that it doesn’t work as advertised. In some cases, your child may make purchases without you knowing. And we can’t rule out the possibility of buying something accidentally.

Here’s how to ask Apple to return your money for an App Store, iTunes Store, or other undesired digital purchases:

  1. Visit in a web browser.
  2. Sign in using your Apple ID.
  3. Tap I would like to and choose Request a refund.
    Tap Request a refund and choose a reason
  4. After choosing the reason for requesting the refund, tap Next.
  5. Finally, select the item(s) for which you would like the refund and tap Submit.
    Tap Next choose the purchase and tap Submit

Other ways to get a refund from Apple

You can also make the refund request by using the Report a Problem option in the invoice email you receive from Apple for that purchase.

Report a Problem in the email Apple sent for as your bill. or invoice

Secondly, you can open iTunes or Mac’s Music/TV app and from the top menu bar, click Account > View My Account > Sell All next to Purchase History > Report a Problem.

See All in Purchase History in Music app on Mac

Both these methods will take you to, and you can follow the steps mentioned in the first heading.

FAQs related to refunds from Apple

Here are some of the important questions you might have regarding the refund request procedure. Please take a minute to see their answers.

Is it guaranteed that I’ll receive a refund for an app, media, subscription, or service?

No. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll always get a refund from Apple for a purchase.

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Is every purchase refundable?

No. While if you act soon and your reason is valid, you’ll most likely get the refund. But for immediately consumable content like coins or credits in games, or similar in-app purchases, you might not get a refund.

Under how many days can I request a refund from Apple?

You can make a refund request to Apple within 90 days of purchasing the app, music, movie, etc.

How long does it take to get the refund from Apple?

Usually, Apple responds to your refund request within 48 hours. After that, if the refund is processed successfully, you’ll get your money back in:

  • Apple ID balance: In about 48 hours
  • All other payment methods like credit card: In up to 30 days
  • Carrier billing: In up to 60 days

Where you’ll get the money depends on how you paid.

Can I keep using the service after the refund?

Once the refund is processed, you may not be able to use the purchased item. But if the refund request is declined, you can continue to use the app, media, or purchase.

How can I check the status of the refund request?

You can see the status of your Apple refund request by going to > Check status of claims > Pending. If you don’t see Check status of claims, that means there are no pending refund requests for your account.

Check status of claims for refund from Apple

How can I get an invoice for the purchase from Apple?

When you buy an app, music, movie, subscription, etc., Apple sends you an email on the email address added to your Apple ID. This acts as your invoice. But if you didn’t receive it, go to, tap the order ID and tap View Invoice. It’ll show the tax invoice. Take its screenshot and save it.

Additionally, if you would like to receive the bill in your email, go to iPhone or iPad Settings > your name > Media & Purchases > View Account > Purchase History > Total Billed for the desired purchase > Resend.

You can do the same from iTunes or Music app on Mac by clicking Account > View My Account > See All next to Purchase History > Order ID > Resend.

Why can’t I submit the refund request to Apple?

After payment authentication is complete, the purchased app or media starts downloading immediately. However, the purchase may still show under “Pending Purchases” for around 24 hours. Once it’s processed, you can submit the refund request.

What to do if you don’t see the purchased item?

In rare cases, it may take up to a day (for me 2 days) to show the purchased item in your purchase history. If you still can’t, check your Apple ID balance or the credit card statement and look for a deduction. Further, you may contact Apple Support.

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