Apple TV+ helps to usher in the holiday season with a highlight reel of shows, films, and specials

The holiday season is in full swing. Which means, for almost every company out there, it’s about that time to combine standard advertising with some holiday cheer. Apple is certainly no different. And it’s using its Apple TV+ streaming platform to help out this year.

Via its official YouTube channel, Apple TV+ has put together a pretty good highlight reel for a variety of the content available to watch right now. There are some exceptions, like the upcoming sci-fi drama Swan Song starring Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), which won’t debut on the streaming service until Friday, December 17, 2021. But, for the most part, shows like Foundation and Ted Lasso are present, as is the hit film Finch starring Tom Hanks and a very good dog.

The sizzle reel is just under two minutes in length. And while the inclusion of something like Foundation doesn’t really make any sense, all things considered, the overall tone of the reel is definitely about family and coming together. It has some heart to it, at least.

There are some holiday themes sprinkled around, though, including content from Peanuts specials, and the holiday episode of Ted Lasso and others. Check it out in the trailer above.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve watched on Apple TV+ so far?