French director Michel Gondry uses iPhone 13 Pro cameras to film a short starring eggs

Apple has shared a new video shot on iPhone, featuring eggs. Commissioned by Apple, the short film was taken with iPhone 13 Pro camera by French director Michel Gondry.

iPhone 13 Pro used to shoot a short film about eggs

The video, published on Apple’s YouTube channel, is embedded right above.

Aptly titled “A Dozen Eggs”, the 60-second video tells the story of what happens when you combine a dozen eggs, the iPhone 13 Pro camera and the inventive mind of French director and screenwriter Michel Gondry, who is well-known for his work on “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”. Read: 5 iPhone camera tips for everyone

Apple’s answer: “The simple becomes cinema”. Of course, there are caveats. First and foremost, this is a professional movie director who excels at his craft well. Just look at those inventive camera angles, practical effects and stop-motion filmmaking techniques.

Some post-processing was likely performed to boost the results.

Apple usually reveals a making-of video for such projects. It also commissions similar videos, prefixed with “iPhone Experiments”,  from an LA-based design studio. Those clips are typically followed by their behind-the-scenes counterparts, offering a look at some of the equipment and software that was used to boost raw footage.

Apple did release a behind-the-scenes video for this short film (embedded ahead), offering a glimpse into how the director made the eggs crack, float and dance.

Shot on iPhone continues

This is a continuation of Apple’s advertising campaign which has been running for years under the tagline “Shot on iPhone”. Following the release of the iPhone 13 family, Apple’s marketing department has focused heavily on Pro-branded models which deliver 120Hz screens, better cameras and longer-lasting batteries.

But it’s the cameras that have been the primary focus of Apple’s iPhone ads and other marketing videos, positioning these phones as Hollywood in your pocket due to their advanced camera features, like recording depth-of-field video in 4K resolution, at sixty frames per second, in Dolby Vision.