Apple goes behind the scenes to offer up ‘Shot on iPhone’ filmmaking techniques

Shot on iPhone” is one of Apple’s most prominent, and long running, marketing efforts to date. It has been going on for years now, showcasing not only still photography, but also films, shot on the iPhone. And today, Apple’s uploaded a new video meant to show off just how easy it can be to capture a cinematic shot on your smartphone.

As long as that smartphone has an Apple logo on the back, of course. The newest entry in Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad campaign is a behind the scenes look with several different filmmakers as they use the iPhone to capture some stunning scenes. In this quick video, which measures in at almost three and a half minutes, we can see examples of a crane shot, some awesome lighting effects, and fun with perspective.

The video really is a great way to see how some of these seemingly “advanced” techniques can be utilized with just an iPhone and not a lot of extra –or expensive– equipment. You can check out the video below.

From the videos’ description:

Commissioned by Apple. A behind the scenes look at just how simple filmmaking can really be. Learn a few simple iPhone filmmaking techniques to turn your movies into The Movies.

It’s a fun video, especially if you enjoy finding out how a scene is shot to reach some pretty stunning results. Apple’s camera systems on the back of its iPhone lineup is one of the best on the market, so it is no surprise that filmmakers from all over the world would feel just fine using the device(s) to create something great.

Even vertical cinema. Sometimes.