Linus Henze updates Fugu14 untether for reliability as Pwn20wnd updates unc0ver jailbreak to v7.0.1

If you’ve been following along with all the latest jailbreak hubbub, then you undoubtedly witnessed Linus Henze releasing his highly anticipated Fugu14 untether last Sunday. Shortly after that happened, hacker and jailbreak developer Pwn20wnd updated the unc0ver jailbreak tool to version 7.0.0 with preliminary support for Fugu14.

This Thursday evening, both Henze and Pwn20wnd are out with some important updates for both Fugu14 and unc0ver that are likely to blow your mind, especially if you’ve been holding out for more stability.

First to the table was Henze, who took to Twitter to share that he had updated the Fugu14 untether to resolve a sleep/wake bug that had been reported by those who’ve been testing it ahead of full integration with unc0ver. Henze also said that Fugu14 would be installed automatically alongside the unc0ver jailbreak app when side-loading it via the newly released AltStore v1.4.8.

Pwn20wnd reaffirmed those changes in a separate Tweet of his own, adding that the unc0ver jailbreak had been updated to version 7.0.1 with major stability and reliability improvements for all devices including those supporting Fugu14, and that Fugu14 support was now built-in to unc0ver when using it with AltStore v1.4.8.

Interestingly enough, the Tweets were hardly a minute apart from one another, echoing similar circumstances that struck last Sunday when Pwn20wnd updated unc0ver to v7.0.0 just a few minutes after the Fugu14 untether had been officially released.

Today’s news means that the untether is now bundled with the unc0ver jailbreak for supported devices, which eliminates the tedious step of the end user installing the Fugu14 untether manually before side-loading and installing the unc0ver jailbreak. Thanks to this, the process should be much more user-friendly than before.

Like before, the Fugu14 untether is only officially intended for arm64e devices at this time, which include the iPhone XS and newer. Further, those supported devices must be running iOS or iPadOS 14.3-14.5.1.

Both arm64 and arm64e devices running older iOS or iPadOS versions including 14.3 and below can still be jailbroken via unc0ver, however the jailbreak would then be semi-untethered instead of untethered. Non-arm64e devices running iOS 14.4-14.5.1 unfortunately can’t use unc0ver or Fugu14 to jailbreak at this time.

Fugu14 will require additional updating to support arm64 devices such as the iPhone X and older, as well as to support additional versions of iOS and iPadOS. Unfortunately, this won’t include anything above iOS or iPadOS 14.5.1. Given that the untether has been available for less than one full week, we fully expect to see development continue as jailbreak developers go hands-on with the untether.

Its worth noting that this update doesn’t make the unc0ver jailbreak itself an untethered jailbreak, at least not yet. It’s still a semi-untethered jailbreak in its current state as the unc0ver jailbreak app still needs to be deployed after each reboot. The Fugu14 untether is currently used to permanently sign the unc0ver jailbreak app, which reduces the user’s dependence on a computer and AltServer. Support for a full untethered jailbreak could come in the future.

It remains to be seen just how much progress the checkra1n and Odyssey teams have made in implementing Fugu14 into their jailbreaks, however we know from previous Tweets that the Odyssey team is actively looking into it.

As always, the latest version of unc0ver can be downloaded from the official website. Details about Fugu14 and the latest changes are available on Linus Henze’s GitHub page.

Are you excited to see that Fugu14 and unc0ver continue to endure ongoing development toward a more integrated and easy-to-install untethered jailbreak on supported handsets? Discuss in the comments section down below.