Shooting practical special effects with iPhone 13 Pro that look just like the movies

Watch a new Apple-commissioned video for cool movie-making tips on using the iPhone 13 Pro camera to shoot practical special effects that look just like the movies.


  • Apple shows how to shoot practice special effects with the iPhone 13 Pro camera
  • The video was filmed by professionals, with additional equipment used
  • Apple positions Pro-branded iPhones as Hollywood cameras

A still from Apple's promotional video on YouTube showing using the iPhone 13 Pro camera to shoot practical special effects like in the movies
Image credit: Apple / YouTube

Creating movie magic with iPhone 13 Pro

Running approximately four minutes long, the video was commissioned by Apple from Dong Hoon Jun and visual artist James Thornton of the Incite design studio, the same studio that collaborated with Apple on previous iPhone video experiments in the past. The duo created a short video, embedded right ahead, that shows off various sci-fi effects, such as cloudscape, anti-gravity, hyper speed and so on.

Original music by Ben Lovett is available on Apple Music.

The video was shot with the iPhone 13 Pro camera and extra equipment, like gimbals.

With that in mind, achieving comparable results will be easier said than done because the people behind the video are clearly well-versed at what they’re doing. This isn’t something for the rest of us, but don’t let our pessimism discourage you from trying!

Apple executives have said that development work on the iPhone 13 cameras kicked off three years before the handsets would land on store shelves. Specifications for the handsets’ A15 Bionic chip and the new camera sensors were defined back in 2018.