The notch could be also be coming to the next MacBook Air

Will there be a MacBook Air with a notch? According to a source, the next MacBook Air coming in 2022 will indeed feature a notched display for a more seamless look.


  • A leaker says MacBook Airs coming in 2022 will have a notch
  • The same leaker said the new MacBook Pros would have a notch
  • The notch on Apple notebooks initially won’t include FaceID sensors

A mockup of a 2022 MacBook Air with a notched display, set against a green gradient background
2022 MacBook Air mockup by MacRumors

2022 MacBook Air to sport a notch?

Ever since unveiling the iPhone X, Apple has owned and fully embraced the infamous notch. Aside from iPhones, the notch is also said to be coming to the next MacBook Air.

And now the same notch Apple is bringing to pro-branded notebooks will allegedly adorn the MacBook Airs coming down the pike in 2022. To be clear, these notches should house the front-facing camera along with the ambient light sensor rather than a Face ID sensor array. In other words, Apple will leverage the notch on notebooks for purely visual purposes.

That’s according to leaker Ty98, as MacRumors reports:

He also said that the ‌MacBook Air‌ will “look much better” as Apple plans to eliminate the current wedge design. The ‌MacBook Air‌ has long had a design that transitions from thicker at the back to thinner at the front. The leaker claims that the next ‌MacBook Air‌ will have a “very round and light” design.

This is the same leaker who said the notch was coming to the upcoming Apple silicon-powered MacBook Pro models.

What do we know about the new MacBook Air features?

Other rumored 2022 MacBook Air features include:

  • A faster Apple chip
  • A thinner appearance
  • A lighter chassis
  • A display with a mini-LED backlight
  • Color finishes similar to the 24-inch iMac

Apple is holding its “Unleashed” product event later today, with the next-generation MacBook Pro models expected the star of the show. If the new MacBook Pro ends up having a notch, then it m ay seem plausible for the next MacBook Air to adopt a notched appearance as well. There’s also the possibility of this being a controlled leak on Apple’s to catch leakers.

However, there’s some evidence to back up claims of notched Apple notebooks.

Analyzing alleged schematics stolen months ago, MacRumors has discovered the notch on a notebook screen. Also, a photograph that leaked recently shows a claimed MacBook Pro display that clearly sports a notch. Read: How to hide the notch on iPhone

Taking it all in, the idea of Mac notebooks embracing the notch seems like a reasonable expectation. And if history is anything to go by, expect the company to use clever marketing images with specially designed device wallpapers obscuring the notch.