This tweak enables the numeric battery percent in the Status Bar for notched iOS 14 devices

A popular feature that is noticeably missing from notched iPhones that continues to exist on older Home Button-equipped handsets is the Battery Percent display for the Status Bar’s battery level indicator.

For whatever reason, Apple thought it would be a good idea to remove this feature entirely while continuing to harbor assets in the mobile operating system for an upgraded and better looking Battery Percent display on such devices.

3 ways to find your carrier on iPhone

Lock Screen on iPhone 12 on Table

With older iPhone models that had a Home button and no notch at the top, you could see your cell phone carrier in the status bar. But if you’ve recently upgraded to an iPhone X, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 model, you can’t see the carrier like before. These phones have a notch at the top that limits the screen space for the status bar.

You can still find out your iPhone carrier company quickly if necessary, with a couple of gestures or the Settings app, here’s how.

Jailbreakers can hide their iPhone’s notch with eggNotch

Love it or hate it, the iconic notch has become a common addition to the majority of Apple’s present-day smartphones starting with the iPhone X in 2017. Unfortunately, it’s part of the handset’s hardware, which means all you can do is attempt to hide the notch with a wallpaper that incorporates a black background where the notch would ordinarily appear.

But even the aforementioned wallpaper ‘hack’ only works to your benefit in certain interfaces, like the Home screen and Lock screen. It falls short in application interfaces where the wallpaper isn’t visible, and that’s a shortcoming that a newly released and free jailbreak tweak dubbed eggNotch by iOS developer Egg aka CRKatri doesn’t have.