United Airlines is integrating with the Apple Health app to offer support for COVID-19 vaccination verification

Being able to quickly and easily show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 is important. And, thankfully, Apple –along with other developers– are trying to help with that. And now United Airlines is jumping on the bandwagon as well.

Today, United Airlines has announced that it is integrating with the official Apple Health app in an effort to offer up verifiable coronavirus vaccination status right from the iPhone. United Airlines says passengers will be able to access the Travel-Ready Center within the airlines’ iOS app to show their verified vaccination status when required.

The only prerequisite here is that United Airlines passengers that want to take advantage of this feature will need to make sure they have iOS 15 installed on their device. Apple made it possible to share health records (at each individual’s discretion) in the latest version of the mobile operating system. That’s the feature United Airlines is tapping into here.

This new element to the United Airlines iOS app is meant to make traveling easier. Some flyers will need to verify their vaccination status ahead of time, or in general. To reach that end, this new feature for the app will work to that end.

In related news, with iOS 15.1, Apple is making it possible to directly add COVID-19 vaccination status cards in the Wallet app.