Meddify, Jot, (Not Boring) Calculator, and other great apps to check out this weekend


Welcome to another episode of our Apps of the Week roundup. This week we have some great selections for you, including a medication reminder app, a minimal notepad, and a not-boring calculator app. And as always, we’ve picked a great game for you to check out.


Meddify is an easy-to-use, beautiful medication reminder app. It has everything you could want in such an app including image-based UI, actionable reminders and even a ‘skipped’ list. And this isn’t just for folks with large pill boxes—it’s great for daily vitamins, short term medicine, etc.

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I had to double-check that I hadn’t written about this app before, because well, I guess I write about these little minimal notes apps a lot. Anyway Jot is a minimal notes app that really stuck out to me because of its very iOS-like UI and tag-based organization. The best notes app is the one you’ll use.

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(Not Boring) Calculator

I know, I can’t believe I’m including a calculator app in this week’s roundup either, but here we are. (Not Boring) Calculator works like an app but plays like a game—with 3D graphics, animations and even sound effects. Made by the same folks behind the (Not Boring) Weather app, an Apple Design Award finalist.

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Indies’ Lies

Indies’ Lies is a single-player game that combines rouge-like elements with card building. This is one of those games that you may look at the screenshots and think, that’s not really your cup of tea. But you’ll never know until you try it. This game is easy enough for beginners, but has depth for veterans.

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