iPhone 13 Pro Max in gold gets unboxed early, shows off brand new packaging

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 lineup to the world at its California Streaming event. Last week, the new lineup went up for pre-order. And, later this week, the smartphones will officially go on sale and start arriving on doorsteps for folks who pre-ordered. Unless you’re one lucky person in Dubai.

Because if you were that person, then you’d already have an iPhone 13 Pro Max. In gold, no less! Because apparently that person got their hands on the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max, and, of course, did the only thing they should do and posted an unboxing video on YouTube. So, if you want to check out the new phone before you get your hands on your own, here’s one way to do just that.

The YouTube channel SalimBaba Technical published the video this week. In it, we get to see the brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max in its brilliant gold hue. And as you can imagine, it looks like quite a bit like the iPhone 12 Pro Max! You can’t really discern a difference in weight on video (even if the camera adds ten pounds). Here’s the video:

The phone is still the star of the show, but a close second place is the box. The packaging. Last week, if you’ll recall, it was confirmed that Apple is making some changes to the packaging for the new iPhone lineup to be even more environmentally aware. Meaning, you won’t find any plastic wrapping around the box. Instead, there’s an adhesive paper tab that will keep the box in place until you decide to open it up.

The redesigned packaging is meant to be more environmentally friendly. Hopefully it will be a welcomed change. And, hey, even if you don’t mind any of that, at least you still get to see the new iPhone 13 Pro Max fresh out of a box.

Are you getting your brand new iPhone 13 this week?