Twitter is now testing edge-to-edge media

How about edge-to-edge tweets? Your wish is Twitter’s command! Soon the company will display photos, videos and other media stretched across the width of the timeline.


  • A new test shows edge-to-edge tweets and media in Twitter timelines
  • Previously, posts in the timeline had a thick border around them
  • Only those included in this test have access to this capability
  • Depending on feedback, the feature could roll out more widely

Twitter's bird logo set against a transparent background

Twitter testing edge-to-edge tweets in timelines

The company has confirmed that it’s currently conducting this test, saying the change is aimed at “better supporting conversations that are both visual and text-based.”

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“Edge to edge tweets that span the width of the timeline so your photos, GIFs and videos can have more room to shine,” reads the announcement on Twitter.

To ensure that each and every image upload spans the full width of the timeline, this test removes the border around embedded media in your timeline. At the same time, the feature extends uploaded images and videos to take up the entire width of the timeline.

When will Twitter publicly roll out edge-to-edge tweets?

Twitter has confirmed that the feature is currently being tested but wouldn’t commit to a specific release date. The fact that the company is trying out unreleased features with beta testers is no guarantee that any of those features will ever launch publicly for all customers.

As is the case with these things, Twitter will retire edge-to-edge tweets should negative feedback prevail during the testing phase (we’ll be making sure to keep you updated).

Other timeline-related new features from Twitter

Twitter recently launched other changes to how photos and vides are presented in timelines.

For instance, it began allowing mobile users to tweet out images in up to 4K resolution. Previously, Twitter’s mobile app for iOS and Android used to crop image uploads to a resolution of 2048-by-2048 pixels, half of what’s supported on the desktop version of Twitter.

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With 4096-by-4096 uploads present for iOS and Android users, now both desktop and mobile versions of Twitter support 4K uploads. On top of that, Twitter now supports larger image previews in the main timeline when using the official mobile app for iOS and Android.

Images with a 2:1 or 3:4 aspect ratio are now displayed in full in the timeline rather than appearing cropped to a 16×9 version.