Twitter for iOS and Android now supports larger image previews

Sometimes, seeing an image preview in the main Twitter timeline can leave a lot to be desired. That’s due mostly to the aggressive cropping. But now that’s finally getting better.

Twitter today announced that it now supports larger image previews in the main timeline. That’s for both iOS and Android users. The social network started testing this support back in March of this year. And now, the feature is now live for all users.

With the change, tall images shared on the platform will no longer be aggressively cropped. So, even if an account shares an image of a very tall bird, Twitter won’t crop it so much that it’s not even recognizable. This will give more information to folks on the platform before they tap into an image, which is a good thing.

Twitter confirmed that images with a 2:1 or 3:4 aspect ratio will be displayed in full in the timeline. The images will no longer be cropped to a 16×9 version. Interestingly, while Twitter rolled this out for the mobile version of its app, images will remain cropped on the web version of Twitter.

In related news, Twitter recently made it possible for iOS and Android users to tweet out images at 4K resolution. So now those crisp photos will look even better without being cropped in the timeline.