Twitter’s upcoming new feature lets you remove a follower without blocking them

You’ll soon be able to remove a Twitter follower without blocking them. Don’t worry, the removed follower won’t be notified that they’ve no longer on your list of followers.


  • Twitter wants to let you remove a follower without blocking them
  • The removed follower isn’t notified you removed them from your list
  • The feature is being tested with some users ahead of a wider release

Image showing a blue Twitter bird with a black shadow set against an all-white background

Twitter’s new web test: removing a follower without blocking

Twitter has officially confirmed testing this upcoming new feature.

“We’re making it easier to be the curator of your own follower list,” reads the official announcement on Twitter. “Now testing on the web: remove a follower without blocking them.”

Twitter deemed it important to note that its new feature is currently being tested on the web at Those using the official Twitter for iOS beta (via TestFlight) don’t see it yet.

How to remove a Twitter follower without blocking them

To remove a person or account that follows you on Twitter, choose the “Remove this follower” option from a menu in the “Followers” section of Twitter’s web interface.

  1. Use a web browser on your computer to log in at
  2. Choose “Profile” from the lefthand column.
  3. From your profile, click “Followers”.
  4. Hit a three-dotted icon next to a follower, then select “Remove this follower” from a menu.
  5. Choose “Remove” to confirm the operation or “Cancel” to abort.

A removed follower isn’t notified by Twitter that you’re removed them.

A screenshot of Twitter's web interface showing removing a follower without blocking them
Image credit: Twitter

This is super nice of Twitter because now you can remove people you don’t feel comfortable with following you without them realizing it (and getting into an argument with you over it).

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And if they do realize they’re no longer on your list of followers, a removed follower “can follow you again in the future,” according to the feature’s description.

Other new features coming to Twitter

Twitter is currently testing other new features, some of which recently saw a wider rollout while others are not available to the general public timelines. For instance, the company now permits mobile users to upload images in 4K resolution whereas previously the iOS and Android app cropped images to a resolution of 2048-by-2048 pixels.

Twitter now also supports larger image previews in the main timeline when using the official mobile app for iOS and Android. Images with a 2:1 or 3:4 aspect ratio are now displayed in full in the timeline rather than appearing cropped to a 16×9 version.

As for upcoming features, Twitter has kicked off testing edge-to-edge images that appear stretched to the very edges of the timeline, without thick borders around them.