Budget iPad stocks are dwindling as iPad 9 lurks

Inventories of Apple’s $329 budget iPad are now dwindling ahead of its “California Streaming” event taking place next Tuesday, with a ninth-generation model already lurking.


  • iPad 8 stocks are running low across Apple stores globally
  • Many locations mention wait times of up to six weeks
  • In some stores, the current model is unavailable
  • iPad 9 may launch in September or October

Apple promotional image showing eighth-generation budget iPad with Smart Keyboard

iPad 8 stock is running low ahead of the Apple event

If you’re in the market for an entry-level iPad, good luck getting one because it’s either currently unavailable or available if you’re willing to wait until October to get yours delivered.

US and foreign Apple stores now cite wait times of three to six weeks for the current eighth-generation ‌iPad‌. This includes both Apple’s online stores and brick-and-mortar locations.

Apparently, Apple has instructed its retail employees “not to speculate why to consumers,” according to a comment Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman posted on his Twitter.

What new features does iPad 9 include?

Based on existing rumors and analyst reports, we can at least speculate about hardware improvements that Apple is thought to have in store for its most affordable iPad model.

iPad 9 should run a newer Apple chip with 4GB RAM for better multitasking and faster gaming (iPad 8 uses A12 Bionic with 3GB RAM). It’s also expected to be lighter than its predecessor.

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Don’t expect those outdated bezels and a Home button with Touch ID to be replaced with a fullscreen design and a fingerprint sensor embedded into a power button, like on the new iPad Air. After all, this is an iPad focused on students, designed for people who just want an inexpensive tablet and don’t care about advanced hardware features.

Screen size should stay intact at 10.2 inches.

When will Apple release iPad 9?

A product’s stocks dwindling is usually a tell-tale sign that a next-generation model is lurking around the corner. Apple is set to broadcast a prerecorded product presentation on Tuesday, September 14, but is the ninth-generation iPad on the event’s agenda? We’re not privy to Apple’s future plans, but we do think that’s not very likely.

The past two generations of the budget iPad arrived in October, not September. Besides, the upcoming September 14 event should be focused on a new iPhone 13 lineup because September is the time for new iPhones.

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On top of that, Apple Watch Series 7 should be unveiled alongside the next iPhone as well. While it’s certainly possible that we’ll see the next budget iPad announced during the iPhone 13 event, we think an October announcement is more likely.