‘Crossy Road’ is hopping its way over to Apple Arcade

Despite the fact Apple Arcade now has over 200 games in its library, there’s still room for more. One of the biggest boons to the monthly subscription service was the adoption of classic titles. Or just reimagined versions of mega-popular games like Angry Birds and others. And now the ridiculously popular hopping game Crossy Road is getting the “+” treatment with a reimagined title heading to Apple’s gaming service.

MacRumors was first to discover the upcoming arrival of the popular game. The title already has a landing page for Apple Arcade, as well as some images from the game. However, there’s not much else to go on as far as juicy details are concerned. The description of the title tells us Crossy Road+ is the “classic hopper re-imagined,” and that’s about it. The included description of the game tells us to, “Hop back into the adventure with Crossy Road re-imagined for Apple Arcade. Join Crossy Chicken to collect all the characters & discover CROSSY ROAD park.”

At the time of publication, it appears Crossy Road will be somewhat limited as far as Apple Arcade games are concerned, as it’s only listed for iPhone and iPad. For those interested in knowing when the game launches (there isn’t a release date listed yet), Apple Arcade subscribers can sign up to be notified.

Crossy Road was actually one of the first titles announced for the Apple TV’s big leap into gaming back in 2015. So the fact it’s not being included for Crossy Road+ is certainly interesting. It’s possible platform availability will change by the time the game launches –whenever that might be– so we’ll have to see how that turns out.

Whatever the case, Crossy Road+ will bring more hopping mayhem to the iPhone and iPad in the near future. Players will be tasked with taking a character, either Crossy Chicken or a variety of other colorful characters, from a starting point to . . . well, as far as they can go. The title is similar to the classic adventure hopping game Frogger, as players will need to hop on logs and other items, as well as avoid cars and trains, to see just how many hops they can get. It’s all about that high score.

The Apple Arcade version of the game won’t have any ads, nor will it have any in-app purchases. The addition of Crossy Road+ to the subscription service’s library is certainly a solid one.