Apple debuts a new “Play, Pause, Delete” game show on YouTube

Apple on its official YouTube channel released a mini-game show, dubbed “Play, Pause, Delete”, with the first six-minute episode featuring rapper Coi Leray aka Big Trend Setter.


  • Each episode features a different artist
  • Artists are presented with three options from various categories
  • The must choose one to play, one to pause and one to delete

A still from Apple's game show "Play, Pause, Delete" featuring rapper Coi Leray
Image credit: Apple

Watch the first “Play, Pause, Delete” video with rapper Coi Leray

Each episode will feature a different artist sharing their thoughts on “music, culture and everything in between.” The selected artist gets to choose three options from a series of personalized categories: one to play, one to pause on and one to delete.

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In the show’s inaugural episode, Leray shares her listening list, discusses her favorite venues and more. “The self-proclaimed biggest purr Coi Leray chooses her favorite venues, her go-to sidekick and the superpower she can’t wait to delete forever,” reads the description.

Meanwhile, Apple is getting ready to broadcast a fifth season of “Carpool Karaoke: The Series,” a show where celebrities ride along and sing along as they visit various places, sing songs from their personal playlists and more.

This time around, “Carpool Karaoke” will stream on Apple TV+.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a premiere date to share just yet. At any rate, this is an exciting development considering that the show actually premiered on Apple Music in August 2017 because there was no Apple TV+ back then.