Apple issues a firmware update for the new Siri Remote

While the vast majority of updates for Apple’s products are coupled with announcements, even the firmware updates from time to time, that’s not always the case. Some minor firmware updates go mostly under the radar, especially when it comes to whatever “new” things are being added to the mix. That’s the case with today’s firmware update for the brand new Siri Remote.

If you’ll recall, Apple launched a new Apple TV 4K earlier this year. And while some of the good news revolved around the set-top box itself, most of the attention went to the brand new Siri Remote the company includes in the box. That’s where most of the praise went. (The good news is you can buy the accessory as a standalone product.) And, according to MacRumors, it turns out Apple issued a minor firmware update for the new Siri Remote today.

Previously, the Siri Remote’s firmware version was number 9M6336. Now, with the new firmware on board, the version number has been bumped up to 9M6772.

As far as what’s new? Well, that remains a mystery. At the time of publication there hasn’t been any big reveals, and it doesn’t appear that will change anytime soon. It’s likely that this new firmware is meant to address any minor bugs or issues that have cropped up since the Siri Remote launched. But, don’t expect any major new features or anything like that.

As far as how to upgrade? Apple’s never explicitly detailed how users can upgrade the accessory. It’s a safe bet that it will take place while the Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K are not being used, and the accessory will be updated over-the-air overnight.

Something to be aware of, at least, if you own the new Siri Remote.