Video shows off a working AirPower prototype in action

Once upon a time, there was a wireless charging device known as AirPower coming from Apple. The company’s first attempt at a device like this was basically swinging for the fences, letting owners of compatible devices simply place their device(s) wherever they wanted on the wireless charger to top them up. However, it wasn’t meant to be.

Unfortunately, Apple had to cancel the device before it arrived. Eventually Apple would launch something similar, albeit much smaller in scale, but that hasn’t stopped folks from wanting AirPower to still become a reality. While we wait, how about a look at what appears to be a functional prototype of the original device?

Apple device collector Giulio Zompetti (via¬†MacRumors) has shared a clip on his Twitter account —@1nsane_dev— showing off just that. You can check it out just below.

The device itself is still a little rough around the edges, to be sure. However, it’s functional. We get to see a unique animation on the iPhone itself when it’s paired with the wireless charger. It’s all very fancy. This is actually the first time we get to see this animation in motion, in the wild. We’ve seen hints of it in Apple’s previous marketing materials for the AirPower wireless charger, though.

Apple originally planned to launch AirPower way back in 2018. Issues arose in the accessory’s development, including overheating, which forced the company to axe the project altogether. That was in early 2019. Since then, there have been some grumblings that Apple could revitalize AirPower and it may arrive at some point in the future, but for now we’ll just have to live with this video of a working prototype.

If Apple does eventually launch an AirPower-like wireless charging accessory, will you pick one up?