Bloomberg: Apple is working on an AirPower-like charger and investigating long-range charging

Apple is reportedly developing a new inductive charging mat that could wirelessly charge multiple devices at once. On top of that, Apple is researching new charging technologies.


  • A new multi-device charger is reportedly in the works at Apple.
  • The accessory would resemble Apple’s ill-fated AirPower.
  • Apple is also researching long-range charging methods.

A slide from Apple's September 2017 iPhone event which unveiled the AirPower wireless charger

Apple isn’t giving up on AirPower just yet

Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, one of the most reliable Apple reporters out there, in a new write-up outlining Apple’s wireless charging roadmap claims that the Cupertino technology giant is “still exploring a future wireless charger that works similarly to its failed AirPower”.

Apple is researching long-range charging methods

But Apple’s wireless charging ambitions go beyond an AirPower-like accessory. According to Gurman’s sources, the company is “internally investigating” long-range wireless charging methods capable of working over greater distances than an inductive connection.

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But don’t jump with joy just yet—this technology is in the exploratory stages. And if the much-maligned AirPower is an indication, Apple could easily spend years researching long-range wireless charging methods only to conclude that the technology isn’t ready for prime time yet.

“Turning such technology into a product is likely several years away,” Gurman cautions.

The ill-fated AirPower

Announced in 2017 as a multi-device wireless charging mat, the AirPower was supposed to wirelessly charge an iPhone, another device like an AirPods case and an Apple Watch.

The accessory was supposed to achieve the magic by incorporating multiple wireless power charging coils within the device. Unfortunately, technical challenges related to overheating, wireless interference and performance had delayed the launch until Apple canceled the AirPower project in March 2019, saying it couldn’t meet its high standards of quality.

Bloomberg in August 2020 said Apple was developing an AirPower-like accessory that would function as a “less ambitious” multi-device wireless charging mat. Shortly after, Apple debuted its MagSafe proprietary magnetic charging solution with the iPhone 12 family.